De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

by Sue Spiers

Stook griiind, stook griiind:
                                  the pulse extends
waves to thrust air
                                  down her throat
into wizened lungs.
                                  Her brain sucks
oxygen for its miserly self
                                  storing it
for her last memory of
It robs muscle
                                  so she is still,
it thieves liver
                                  so she pees brown,
it purloins kidneys
                                  so toxins thrive.
Her mobile shrills:
                                  Agadoo doo doo.
The nurse answers,
                                  ‘Yes, I’ll tell her.’
‘The Sassenachs send love.’
                                  Her hand on the blue
waffle blanket flexes.
                                  Her mouth moues
breathless unsound;
                                  meaningless and true.