by Dom Hale

A hand retreats a sullen grasp
As sure as lovers break and clasp,
And part with pale lips aghast.

Specks spun blank in diamond pools,
Such pupils veiled by blinkered truths.
And all the while the clamour soothes.

The knack of hanging onto hearts
Is lost as evening leaves its mark.
Bright but bitter, brusque and stark.

“I’ll meet you by the river shore”
As sunshine peppers dusk with gore.
The crimson smatter’s dappled moor.

I held you tight, my arms a guide.
Horizon’s careful cover hides
Us from the swelling, sparkling tide.

Crystals dripping from the mire,
A velvet host of grabbing briars-
Such shallow hands that never tire.

Goodbyes are breathed and tears dipped deep.
We acquiesce to lidded sleep
Surf shatters in a swift retreat.