Coffee Morning

by Swithun Cooper

Stop acting normal! That’s not how it should be.
Last night you were a goddess to mankind,
By morning, though, that was becomes a would be
and nectar dries up to a candied rind.

I shave away my Herculean stubble
And watch this coffee morning shape itself:
The Parthenon becomes malformed, white rubble
And Cupid turns back to a cheating elf.

I drink the sweet, brown liquid – no elixir,
But still, it’s warm, preparing me for later.
You destroy every vision I kept in here
By drying knickers on my radiator.

True life sets in, you view me from afar now:
He drives not chariots, but Fords and Rovers.
The bags accept us both for what we are now;
Orpheus and the Temptress with hangovers.