Child With Photograph

by Kyriakos Charalambides

A child had a photograph in his hand
and a photograph reflecting in his eyes.
The photo peered upside down at me.

There was a crowd around him; the figure
in the little photo had large inverted shoulders—
and in the child’s eyes smaller shoulders,
even smaller hands.

He was in a crowd of others with lists and photographs.
It got to me the way he held it upside down.

I went to him, passing posters and lists
of other peoples’ loved ones, archways to voices
that were iced and silent.

The photo had to be of his father.
I inverted my head sideways to see the head
of the missing person. The boy’s head was upside down.

I was reminded how the jack, queen or king
are turned right side up on one end of the card
and reversed on the other end
as the boy stared up at me.

Translated from the Greek by Greg Delanty