Chest pains

by Ciara Thompson

he grabbed me in the cinema
he dragged me by my feet
he chained me to his cabin in wicklow
and pulled out all my teeth
he told me i was pretty
too pretty for his eyes
he told me not to lift a finger
and brushed my hair a hundred times
i’ve never seen him blink
i guess my timing is bad
maybe we always blink at the same time
maybe we’re both sad
i ran from him on sunday
he had a heart attack
i figured it was me that caused his chest pains
so i turned and ran straight back
i took him to the hospital
i dragged him by his feet
he awoke and said he wasn’t worthy
and to go if i so please
here i am in wicklow
he’s polishing my teeth
i know that i’m restricted in his chains
but so is he.