Captions to illustrations of mourning dress, in Vogue, 1916

by Denise Riley

‘To find a dinner gown which will be becoming, correct, and yet not depressing to its beholders is always a problem for the woman in mourning, but it may be readily solved by this frock of black point d’esprit and black silk net, over black taffeta.
A bag braided in dull black beads with a design done in jet beads; a bag of black suede, trimmed with gun-metal.
A frock of heavy black Georgette crêpe is made becoming by the white nun’s veiling collar. At each side of the overskirt in front appear long loops of Georgette crêpe – long loops are being done, this season.
For half-mourning, there is a hat of black Georgette crêpe which emphasizes its high crown with moiré ribbon and decorates its brim with jet.’