Blitz Hits The Langham, Most Haunted Hotel in England

by Margot Myers

and then a mirror     flew
from the wall

a woman’s nose
was pierced

with glass     swelled like an apricot
until she could barely squint

she said     she saw
through her eyelids

said     she saw amongst
the pigeon-droppings, splintered gilt

an     absence

tossing our careful bandages
down the stair

like there was no tomorrow.the

others     shed their liveries
of powder-blue and gold

to tread     the air
in less familiar corridors

I     kept up

women came     swept
pigeon droppings, splintered gilt

slopped tea     in thick cups

rolled dressings
legs apart

I gave     that one     a fat eye

for whistling down the liftshaft
like that