Big Man Like You

by Hazel Vimbainashe Kamuriwo

Big man like you –
I see you offside
Tackling hot winds
On unpaved roads
Beneath the scorching sun,
Dark skin sizzling like a snail
No shoes, no shirt, no stress
Just shorts and skinny dry legs.
Shoot! In between those two sticks
Quick, shoot! Mind not the defensive Sahara dust
Though it stings your eyes on all kicks.
In your mother’s belly, even then, you knew you must
Shoot! Before she calls you offside…
And tell the referee your prayers inside –
Referee the only cards I uphold are ones
With references to chapters in my life where
Impossibility is more than possibility!
Shoot! Before your doubt gets a free kick!
Bruised feet sweep into a perfectly on fleek,
Wrapped, softened, pebbled brick;
But you cannot afford to hit the brim,
The sticks will fall…But have faith and…
Shoot! God will do the rest!
Big man like you –
I see you onside.
Forget not the little boy in the
Big man you have become.
Forget not Him who exchanged
Your dust for confetti.
Forget not where you came from
When the crowd, not the dust,
Goes wild when you kick.
Forget not where you came from,
When the goal does not fall apart
When you shoot.
Forget not where you came from,
When there is a net to embrace
The moment with you.