Best Left Unanswered

by Iona Mandal

Why is there dissonance
within music?
Must a pianist’s chords
clash and release,
like tide shattering a
hermit crab’s home?

Why do trees fall?
Are their roots too fine
in holding their dignity of years?
Or do our axes force gravity
upon them?

Must a story always end?
Should pages be written
in indelible ink or phosphorus,
so that words glow like embers,
only to be rekindled
when a new voice speaks them?

Why do we live in a box of uncertainty,
never opening it,
our answers remaining in the dark?
And we, like moths
struggling to find the flame
and running around aimlessly?

Does sleep even count
as the closest to a near-death experience?
Is there is nothing closer to
the pleasure of succumbing
than savouring it temporarily?