Berlin Zoo

by Colin Pink

None of the animals knew why they were in the Zoo.
None of them knew why the Jewish people stopped
visiting in 1938. They were very ignorant and couldn’t
read the signs all around them. None of the animals
liked the sound of the air-raid warnings and in any case
could not take cover. All of the animals were afraid of
bombs landing and buildings collapsing all around.
Knautschke, the hippo, barely escaped the fire in his
compound. None of the animals understood why
the bombers were trying to kill them, night after night.
Most of the animals died without knowing why they
were in the firing line. When the Red Army attacked
the Zoo Tower was one of the final battlefields. None
of the animals knew why the artillery fell on them.
There were 3,175 animals in the Zoo. By May 1945
there were 91 left alive. In the end there were even
fewer since some were eaten by Red Army soldiers.