Beautiful Tasting Words

by Inigo Laguda

Enticing and subsiding. Vibrant
Midas touching, lust or love for aurous,
ornamental auras. Flawless, floral suns and
forfeit sight, lungs and sanguify,
defy your heart, and hips, and rip
yourself apart for fun and thrill.
Chill and cheat. The stillness
beats against the wind and water,
waft the frosted air away – weigh
your words and drop your anvil
tongue to fragment jaws and fracture
teeth, and tease your lips, glimpse the ears.
They hear in forging hands, scorching sands,
portent plans and wistful whispers,
sip until the whisky drink eclipses.
Greatness waits in quests and freezes feeble,
faint or tainted spirits. Livid, tepid, stupid,
clues. Nuances and nooses tauten,
taught from fraught and thorny orchards.
Caught and born. Quartz gauntlets,
Poor and unimportant causes.
Likened to a lichen, lice or liar,
frightened, petrified by flight or fire,
Choirs of respired thunder,
Clumsy as a bouldery blunder,
Comforting and fumbling and numbing,
hungers of the hundred. Thousand’s
pout; your powers doused in doubt
and fountains made from outward bouts.