be poetic:

by Jewel Cao

         1. sit
on a clear summer night on the roof
of a ford, or an acura, or even
a dodge grand caravan.
pop open a beer which runs
down the sides of the car
and puddles into the lush grass.
reminisce on how your life
overflows the boundaries
of summer.

         2a. because you have never
touched gently a lover’s sleeping cheek
or devoured their mouth
with the voracity of starving

         3. (pretend you are knowledgeable about ants
or lovers, or animals
or kissing lovers
in an animalistic fashion)

         2b. write an ode to your goldfish.
like so:
your scales shine bright as ripest oranges
no, brighter than the stars, like an orange
untouched, like snow, or Christmas oranges…

         4. get there, then
realize you and your goldfish are not close.
you forget to feed it.

         5. decide you will never be a poet.
throw out all your notebooks.
bury yourself
in your Chemistry 11 text.

         7. is this a poem?