Battle Tears

by Margaret Black

Clanking armours, whizzing arrows
Fallen fighters, broken bows,
How we remember those
Buried where green grass grows?

Days and years have swiftly flown,
Crispin’s tears turned to stone,
Where French and English brave
Lost their lives in muddy grave.

Horses, people, swords and daggers,
Hutchets, longbows, arrows, hammers,
Drowned heavy-armoured knight,
Henry Monmoth won the fight.

“God, please show us all your Mercy!”,
Welsh and English army plea,
Outnumbered, yet determined,
Piercing French and watch them flee.

Agincourt will keep reminding,
Hatred only death can bring,
France and England, proud nations,
Cain and Abel, like your sons.

Spare mothers’ cries and prayers,
Spare future children’s heirs!
Hundred Years of war should end,
Neighbour will become your friend!

Peace is what we all desire,
Set my eyes on home shire,
Touch the water in the lake,
Taste again the bread I bake.

Clanking armours, whizzing arrows,
Fallen fighters, broken bows,
Let us all remember those,
Who gave lives, old friends and foes!