An Open Letter from Greys Court

by Marina McCready

You’ve walked my halls and blooming gardens fair,
Preserved me well across the endless years;
It seems like only yesterday when I
Was not much more than just a pile of bricks
Atop a hill, just gazing down on the world
Surveying the land which now I call my own.

You fought a war outside my gates and killed
The men you once had called your brothers and
I wept for them, but kept my grand doors wide
I offer safety; all who pass within
May live and rest and find repose, I hope
If nothing else, a cup of tea and warmth.

You brought me up to aristocracy,
You’ve never seen a house so grand as I
A lord, a lady, dressed in golden clothes,
Bejewelled, divine, and shining like the Gods
The clocks bespoke, the servants loyal
And monarchy themselves admire my charm.

You gave me wealth and gave me space to bloom;
Tore down the old walls, built me up again.
The heights of modern architecture and all
The latest innovation (did you know
windows are very in this century?)
I brim with pride; my curtains coveted.

I grew and flourished through the centuries,
From derelict to beauty and then more;
Like roses springing up from cold stone walls:
Determined, born of work and bricks and light,
As stories passed and legends grew I watched
In silence, hoping, waiting, passing time.

You saw potential, saw my quiet grace;
Where once was dust, now children laugh and run
Exploring corners, bringing brand new life,
In telling my old stories, making more
A whole new chapter in my ancient book
Where as you cared for me, I’ll care for you.