An equilibrium?

by Jasmine Thom

“Inequality doesn’t exist anymore;

If you work hard, you have the same chance as anyone.”

Tell that to the infants

Who are still sold before their first breath,

Because another mouth is another death.

Tell that to the girls

Who are sold on their twelfth birthday,

For their brother’s chance to thrive.

Tell that to the women

Who must sell themselves and their daughters,

So they just might survive.

Tell that to the girls who are told they are boys

To the boys who are relentlessly called girls

To the children with no education

To the men with hidden bruises

To the family without food

And to your neighbour,

Whose problems I would mention-

But you probably wouldn’t care to remember.

Equality for you isn’t equality for them.

Tell that to everyone hiding behind their privileges.

Admit there’s inequality now

Accept there’s inequality now

And solve the inequality now.

“Inequality shouldn’t exist anymore;

If we work hard, you will have the same chance as anyone.”