A Yiddish phrase book

by David Bleiman

“As for the country in which I’d do well to have a copy of Say It in Yiddish in my pocket, naturally I’ve never been there… I don’t believe that anyone has.” – Michael Chabon

Can you help me?/Kenstu mir helfn?

Do you speak English/German/Russian?
I do not understand Croatian.
Does anyone in this city speak Yiddish?
Can you give me directions?

What is the name of this city?
What was the name of this city before?
And before that?
Who lived in this house before?

Where do I get a bus to the Cathedral?
How much is a taxi to the University?
Is this the old cemetery?
Where was the synagogue before?

My grandfather/my grandfather’s sister.
Her husband, the Rabbi.
I am looking for their two boys.
Can you help me?

How old are you, if I may ask?
Do you remember two boys who used to play here?
Here in the yard of the synagogue.
The synagogue that stood here before.

Here is a photo of the boys.
Did you play with these boys?
Do you remember the day when they left?
I know. It was a long time ago. It’s okay.

Is there a doctor/a dentist/a pharmacist near here?
No, I mean a doctor by the name of Rosenhaft.
I have a pain in my stomach/my mouth/my throat.
I have lost my appetite/my voice/my city.

Can you direct me to the railway station?
What is the final destination?
I would like to buy a return ticket.
I do not want a single ticket.

Kenstu mir helfn?