A Rap Over the Knuckles

by Peter Wellby

Mais, ou sont les neiges d’antan? François Villon

COP 26! You still alive?
Well done, survivors, gimme a high-five!
Hey, time to change the red light green!
Don’t none of you say that it ain’t your scene.

We are the frog in this small earth crock
degrees keep rising on the flying clock,
put them great world leaders in the public dock,
or your grandchild’s future’s going into hock.

If the sun don’t burn us, then it’s gonna be ice.
Wanna freeze? Wanna fry? No, it don’t sound nice.
You can’t grow no wheat; you can’t grow no rice;
only thing to eat’ll be dead head lice.

Push the oil price high keep your voice down low.
What I want, Snoop Dog, is lots of dough.
Get rich – die tryin’: gotta go with the flow!
50 Cents for a Rap? You get rich too slow.

I’m a P. P. Diddy, got my grass to mow.
I’m an M&M wrapper with a chocolate toe.
Want a sugar high now, then it’s quick, quick, slow.
Grab an Ice Cube man,‘fore the ice-caps go.

For Old King Coal’s gonna steal your soul.
More carbon votes than in wind or sun
Live now and pay later, come join the fun!
What’s an ice-berg, Daddy? It’s a melted Pole.

You keep hip-hoppin’, cause the earth’s too hot
and your feet are scorchin’ and your face is shot,
Stuff and roast your goose and it’s on with the show!
But no more white Christmas, when we’ve no more snow.

Hey! the world is burnin’! They just don’t wanna know.
You can’t stay alive with the status quo.
That’s no redbreast robin, it’s a carrion crow!
Gonna wrap it up now. Any encores? No!