A Questionnaire for the Asteroid Belt

by Sarah Doyle

Are you (please tick):
o          A streak of embryonic stars?
o          A once-was planet’s last hoorahs?
o          A cartwheel, stuck within a rut?
o          Rough diamonds, not quite made the cut?
o          An inter-planet gastric band?
o          A jumbled, shifting no-man’s land?
o          The Heavens’ heaving hula-hoop?
o          An astronomic loop-the-loop?
o          An endless sky-borne running track?
o          A never-gaining chasing pack?
o          Unwanted cosmic articles?
o          Nomadic astral particles?
o          A vast, revolving promenade?
o          A far, fragmented knackers’ yard?
o          Conveyor-belt of ancient stones?
o          The Solar System’s broken bones?
o          A force that ever rearranges,
            to ring the skies, and ring the changes?