A poem for a moment with you

by Eisha Tandon

Sat in your arms, listening to the sound of you breathing
A park bench, a rainy Thursday afternoon
Nervous to turn my head to face you, to look into your eyes

I don’t want to let myself believe that this moment is real
I tell you that this feels like a dream, you laugh
But it really does, because for the first time in forever I finally feel seen

You turn to me suddenly and you say, “I like you, like fully”
I say, “Same,” momentarily speechless, in disbelief
It’s so underwhelming and weird and I hate myself for it

Is this really the way a first love should be?

My head is on your shoulder now, our arms are intertwined
You slowly lean your head towards me, resting it on top of mine
It’s so overwhelming but so comfortable and I love you for it

It feels like I’ve waited my whole life for this exact moment
I didn’t know I was before, but I know it now
I was waiting to meet you, to know you, and to fall in love with you

Soon I’ll have to break the silence, let you know I’m expected home
And we’ll walk back the way we came, hand in hand
“Until next time,” you’ll say, and we’ll kiss before I reluctantly turn to go

As I walk away I realise I still don’t know how this should be, but I don’t care
I know just how loved you make me feel