A Letter to My Grandmother in the Skies

by Brooke Nind

Dear Grandma,

I am shedding my skin
over and over again
to slip it between the folds
of an envelope and send it to you,
linking our cells again,
even if they’re all dead.

Tonight Mom and I hiked
up the hill near our house at sunset.
Clouds of dirt rolled
over my sneakers as I stepped
over pebbles and when we reached the top
we stopped to watch the sun
sink below us. I wrapped
my arms around myself
because it finally got a little cold
after hours of sweating in August heat,
but then I reached out
to wrap them around you.

Say hello to us from the skies
and send streaks of pink
marbled into the last moments
of light tomorrow.

Lots of love,
your airborne granddaughter.