Maundy Thursday

Right royally we’d screwed up,            splashed out                       on non-essential starches and yeasts, spreed through a month’s wage            one Wednesday night                       till emptied pockets hung loose and sad like donkeys’ ears.            So we stooped low                       at the fountain of dreams, stole pounds and pence            from tiled shallows,                       coins […]


the leaves crispy like bacon my yellow wellies all drooly because I once danced too close to the campfire poplar     poplar      oak pushpins holding the world poplar sweet chestnut Nick spots a creepy face in the bark broken t                                                                                                    r                                                                                                 e                                                                                         e up you […]

parallel of a dead oak

a tree dissevered dissevered a tree                                                roots worms                                                                          clear in green water  a deified root                                                     deified worms                                                                          a tree dissevered                                                                           translucent in green water a tree painted                                                    the reflection of hollow                                                              the landscape of woods holds its own […]

The stopper

                       lifted and all we did undoes, unfixes beneath this weight of days retuned to weightlessness                                     in wilderness, each field                                     or beach          and every forest found, that late-night bath                                                we ran, my fingers parting                    tangled strands, our tracks in crops or sand                              then every moon phase                                                         slowly foaming […]