The page is also the night where i climb out of

after Ocean Vuong i    restart                                                  this sen     tence, i edit edit my life     off                                                             these fingers these words they                                                                  ask me how do i do i feel […]

mégy egyet kérnék szépen (one more please)

what I want to say is that        I met a boy called Bence in a bar on kertész street. in the bar you weren’t able to see a square inch of unpainted wall and I sat there trying to decipher the different flavours on the menu:                                                                         körte                                     cseresznye                                                                                     szőlő and something that […]


If you dig a hole and get in it,                                                      what then?               If you, say, flick a tree and holler,                                                      then what?                                          If you reverse into an attitude of dotty surrender, all flags flying, the sky as blue               as an unblown whistle, the children dancing,                           well what’s next […]