Addison Lee

by Allegra Mullan

Perhaps I am in love with you,
Or the back of your bald head.
Or in love with the idea
Of being in love with the back of your bald head.
Or the silence between us,
As we flash past,
City scape that turns to city scape,
Ridden with tiny lights.
I love how It all transforms
From strange places,
To places Ive seen before.
We worm around regents park,
And neither of us make a sound.
I watch the back of your bald head,
From Shepherds Bush, to Kentish Town.
I am brilliantly, burningly happy.
These people who have eaten me
Hollow for days,
Are behind me now.
Here, there are no complications,
Here, my mother can knit me together again,
When I feel unwound.
And everything is hours away.